April 21st Updates

This past weekend was major for West Mill. Friday afternoon we released the fourth building which will have 2 Urbandale floorplans and 4 Centennial II floorplans. Since Friday evening we have written four contracts in the fourth building! It happened so fast, I didn't have time to update. I apologize for the delay! The new locations and prices are listed below. 

Current Availability

April 16th 2015

Hope everyone made it out of Tax Day Alive!

Yesterday we wrote a contract on our last available 2 bedroom floorplan. By the end of the day I hope to be releasing the next building. We will have four 2 bedrooms available. The new price will be $204,900 for the Centennial II floorplan. 

We still have 3 bedroom townhomes available in building C, these are the Urbandale floorplan and still hold the pre-construction price of $239,900. 3 bedroom end units in the next building will be $245,900. We still have good prices and great locations! 

Be sure to contact us as soon as possible to set up a meeting, the availability is subject to change without notice! 

4 Remain out of Original 18

Pre construction pricing is only being offered in the first 18 to be contracted. Prices will increase with the release of Building "D."


Out of the first 18 (see previous post) only 4 remain with the pre construction price tags! 

1413 - $199,900

1425 - $199,900

1403 - $239,900

1407 - $239,900


We hope to release Building "D" with new prices later this week. 


Happy to announce that this week we have finally started writing contracts on West Mill! 

Two brave souls have already picked out their home, signed contracts, & sent in ernest money. More on the way! Lot's of meetings have been scheduled over the weekend for more buyers. 

We are just thrilled that the community already has so much interest and think you're all going to be lovely neighbors for each other! 

Currently the Centennial II floorplan is sold out, but we hope to introduce more in the next building or two. Closings are scheduled for August 31 - just 171 days from right now! Weather permitting, we will deliver on time. Do ya'll think we are finally out of winter? Hope so! 

...And the Tennessean

The Tennessean published a piece a week ago about our progress in the Nations. In this article the West Mill is compared to the rows of "tall-skinnies" up and down Kentucky Ave. This specific article has drummed up lot's of action for us. In this one week, we have marked a few of the non-existent townhomes as "Reserved."

We are currently out of our two-bedroom Centennial II floorplan in the first 18 homes that will be built. We plan on offering more of these floorplans in the next building. So far End-Units are the most popular and currently we have three left! 

End-Unit base price starts $3,000 higher. Reservations are not Contracts but we expect to be able to write Contracts beginning tomorrow!

From the Nashville Post

From the Nashville Post 

"The West Nashville site spans six acres and is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of California and 57th avenues." We are Happy to finally begin work. We believe West Mill Townhomes will be a great asset to the community! 

"Hostettler said she expects to list the two-bedroom residences for $199,900 and the three-bedroom townhomes for $239,000." These are fair prices, and they are pre-construction prices. The blog will be updated when we begin writing contracts. We are grateful to have received so many calls in the last two days regarding this community. The feedback has been reassuring. 

"Relatedly, HND Realty has sold more than 50 percent of the 80 units at its The Park at Melrose in South Nashville." Also an affordable community with assets: Park at Melrose Heights we have been selling since July and hope be done with the first 80 before we start closing West Mill in late Summer 2015.